Of Metaphysical Origins

A metaphysicist attempts to clarify and explain the nature of being and in turn, the world that encompasses it.
I am not one these people.

I’m home

Hiking Hadrians wall was incredible. 8 days of sunshine and beautiful countryside. I have a lot to write about and even more photos to upload. However, I’m off to the sea for a couple of days, so this here tumblr will have to be put on the back burner once more! Sorry guys! But, soon -_-


sketchbook pones~


sketchbook pones~

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OMG…. art.

Tate. V & A. Brit Nat Gallery.

First Bernini.

Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmaus. 



Troubadours secret garden terrace.

Mildred’s Veg specials.

Gold Lake’s first London gigs.

Darlington noise.

Murakami nuances. 

Clean underground. (Paris you dirty thing you).

Julius Caeser, The Globe

Richmond Park cycles for two.

Budvar on the Thames.

British Raspberries.

Eating like Lords.

Jameson and Lime.