Of Metaphysical Origins

A metaphysicist attempts to clarify and explain the nature of being and in turn, the world that encompasses it.
I am not one these people.

Would you come over

and lounge in the sun

let its rays 

bathe our skin

in its glorious love.

We can lie on the grass

a soft bed of lush

so gentle, hope

looks down from above.

Get Your Sexy On


Main Men

A walk in the sand on Sandymount strand, a clear bright night, with the stars clearly in sight, I had my Dad and my brother by my side, the greatest men in my life. And we searched for the Northern Star, and picked out as many constellations as we could and raced each other to the swimming baths. The tide was so far out we could walk into the looming darkness, into nothing it seem to the Lights from big ships entering and exiting the Dublin Docks which were like bright mini-cities moving across the eternal black in front of us. 

And I’m grounded again, brought home and reminded of who I am and surrounded by the love I constantly crave to feel.

Just like you do.

All those funny pictures you drew

that characterize me and you.

What do I do 

with such personal trinkets,

made from a heart

and loved

with all my heart.

That those two funny figurines

no longer exist

as loving entities.

no one can make me laugh at myself like you do. No one really knows me just like you do.